World feline organizations


The pedigree cat

The pedigree cat is present on all continents thanks to the federations which register births in the genealogical registries, regulate the shows, appoint the judges and preserve the breed criteria set in standards or have them evolve. These federations distinguish themselves from each other in many ways, and also by the type of judging they practice in shows: "conventional" or "American-style" judging.

There are today some sixty different cat breeds, recognized or not in the various feline associations. As it is, the pedigree cat world is governed by different genealogical registries in which any representative of the breed born of parents recognized as belonging to the breed is registered at birth. Once the pedigree has been established, the holder will be able in due time, generally as early as 3 or 4 months of age, to take part in a feline show, which is a beauty contest, in which he/she may win a variety of titles.

These contests are organized by clubs affiliated with a federation the regulations of which they apply. Some federations are national ones, such as the LOOF in France or the GCCF in England, others such as the CFA, FIFe, WCF and TICA have chapters throughout the world.

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