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Irish Red and White Setter

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Original Name : Irish Red and White Setter

Type : Braccoid

Male size : 24½-26 inches

Female size : 22½-24 inches

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Ireland


While they can be affectionate companion dogs, Irish Red and White Setters are essentially bred as gundogs. This aristocratic breed is lively and alert, with a kindly, friendly nature, making it easy to train, but fundamentally determined, courageous and full of zip.


Broad in proportion to the body.



Strong, very muscular back, well descended chest, well sprung ribs.



White with solid red patches, both the red and the white must be as lively and bright as possible.



Set at eye level and well back, very close to the head.



Strong at the base, moderate length, reaching no lower than the hock.



Long and silky (feathering) on the back of the front and hind legs, reasonable amount on the flank, well feathered tail. Short, flat and lacking in curls on the rest of the body.


Outside of Ireland the existence of a second breed of setter was not universally known, but, in fact, the Red and White seems to be the older of the two. The solid red variety only came about later by selective breeding. When Irish Setters were first shown in the mid 1800’s there was great confusion as to their color, but by the end of the century they had more or less taken over and the Red and White had become so rare it appeared to be under threat. Concerted efforts were undertaken to strength the breed’s standing in the 1920’s and by 1944 there were sufficient numbers to warrant a club. Today, a good number of Irish Red and White Setters take part in shows and field trials in Ireland.

Did you know ?

Historically somewhat in the shadow of the other three setters, especially the Irish one, this bicolor breed – old yet youthful at the same time – came into its own around thirty years ago. Nowadays, it is recognized as a beauty, but first and foremost in a work setting.


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