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Italian Coarsehaired Hound

Latin composure

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Original Name : Segugio Italiano a pelo forte

Type : Braccoid

Other Names : Segugio, Italiano

Male size : 20½-23½ inches

Male weight : 44-61¾ lbs

Female size : 19¾-22¾ inches

Female weight : 39¾-57¼ lbs

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Italy


Italian Coarsehaired Hounds are wonderfully suited to even the toughest terrain, on the flat or in the mountains. These speedy, very hardy animals work with great passion, alone or in packs. Compared with their shorthaired cousins, they are more reserved, less exuberant, sound, calm and level-headed. They wear a friendly, gentle, proud expression, with a veil of melancholic reflection. Their voice is resonant and very harmonious.


Long. Ratio of length of head to height at withers: 4:10.



Square shaped, length from shoulder to buttocks is equal to height at the withers.



All shades of solid fawn, from deep red with black overlay to washed out fawn, or black and tan.



Hanging, triangular, flat along almost the entire length (66-70% the length of the head), very broad.



Set high, extending from the croup, thicker at the base than the Shorthaired’s tail, covered with hair throughout, no fringing.



Clearly coarse, save on head, ears, legs, tail, and muzzle, where it is generally less coarse than on the trunk and lips.


The blanket of time has obscured the origins of the Italian Coarsehaired Hound. Dogs of the same type and stature flank statues of Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt, in the museums of Naples and the Vatican. Two perfectly preserved skeletons with an identical conformation to the present-day type were recently unearthed in Verona province.Medium-sized and square-shaped, Italian Coarsehaired Hounds are well balanced, perfectly symmetrical, well built, very muscular without an ounce of fat, which means it can hunt at day.

Did you know ?

In action, the Italian Coarsehaired Hound uses its tail as a rudder, raising it to the level of the topline and wagging it from left to right, brushing the flanks or even rotating it sometimes. The tail is regarded as long, although the tip is very close to the point of the hock.


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